Vanagon Carpet install on the cheap

Wanted to pass this along to anyone who is interested. I recently picked up an 86 GL that was extremely scrubby, sorry PO. Kids, dogs, general mayhem must have been involved. I did my research on the different Sewfine, Gowesty, Busdepot kits but couldn’t bring myself to cough up 300+ beans.

Enter Lowes. Found this Mohawk 60x84in commercial area rug which seemed to be pretty close to original dimensions and color (denim in my case)

I pulled out the original carpet by removing front skid plate and wooden bench support.
Removed the 2 metal rails and filled the gaps with two layers of a black Tread Mat

When comparing old nasty to the new carpet I only needed to make one cut along the sliding door side. All other sides fit and had the edges seamed up.

I also cut out the square piece for the rear heater.

Installing was pretty straight forward, just lay down and push to each wall.

and the final product!!!! Total cost Rug = $34 Rubber = $12

BMW 745i Windows stopped working? FIXED

I was just about to start taking apart my 02 745i to fix my dead windows. For no apparent reason, my drivers side controls for mirrors, windows, and shades all stopped working yesterday. Looking through the forums, they all talked about replacing motors and window regulators which could be as much as 2k. One last ditch effort, let’s reboot the car.

I disconnected the battery for 1 min to cycle the computers and whatever other magic is involved in the windows, and voilà everything works again. Just thought I would put this out there in case someone else is about to take their BMW to the stealer and be charged way too much.


BMW 745i Weep Hole Fix

Any decent DIY’er can handle the AGA coolant pipe fix. You just need to have some time, patience, and guts. I also used the TIS which was somewhat of a help. One great thing about BMW engineering is that it just makes sense. It is often smarter than you are but take your time and things will make sense. Here are the steps simplified:

I am not a mechanic and this may not be exactly correct (disclaimer) but it worked for me.

Remove all the engine covers
Remove Air Intake hose
Remove All Belts
Remove Fan (this was tuff and there is a special fan removal tool. I used a large crescent wrench. 32mm i believe)
Remove Fan Housing
Remove Center Balancer
Drain coolant
Remove Water Pump
TIS says to blow fuel back into fuel tank by using small air connector on fuel rail. 2 small air blasts.
Remove Fuel Injection lines and injectors (remove clip on top of each injector, should pop right off)
Disconnect all Electric connectors (label them all)
Remove Air Intake Manifold (heavy and should have 2 people for this)
Remove Valley Pan

You should be looking at your defective Coolant Pipe.

Cut it in half, and pull it out.
Insert new AGA or similar pipe per instructions.
Clean up all debris and vacuum out intakes.

I replaced my water pump because it was shot as well.
I replaced the Valley Pan because it had a brand new gasket and mine was kind of shot.

Once the pipe is in, just reverse the instructions above.
Take a look at your coolant lines below manifold to make sure they are in good shape. Mine had a snapped y connector.

Hope this helps someone

Total savings from original BMW quote = $33,372.18


Cleveland BMW of Solon Fraud

Detailed below is my saga with BMW. Really disappointed with BMW of Cleveland located in Solon, OH

BBB complaint ID 9522469

I have a 2002 BMW 745i and had a coolant leak issue. I had the car towed to BMW of Cleveland in Solon, OH to investigate and fix the issue. I asked to have the issue looked at and an estimate of the fix. A few “days” later I had to call to get an update. The service department representative let me know that this would be $34,215.18 dollar repair bill. I let them know that this was ridiculous.I called and sent emails to BMW of North America and received a response of “I’m Sorry”I paid money for BMW of Cleveland to tell me that number. I have since towed the car to my home and will be getting an estimate from an independent automotive specialist. The car is running with no engine issues, just a coolant leak.

BBB closed my complaint on 5/22/13 with no resolution

After receiving the $34,215.18 dollar quote from BMW, I decided to do my research and find out what is really wrong with the car. Turns out it was a $157 failed water pump. I purchased the waterpump as well as a $600 AGA Coolant pipe (Which I cannot verify was bad) and basically fixed the vehicle myself.

So my complaint is basically that BMW of Solon preys on the non-technical customers that come in and provide them insane repair bills. This is fraudulent in my opinion and really needs to be looked at.

Have you seen the shows on TV which expose the Service Repair professionals for charging for repairs that are non-existent? Well, this is the same thing. Charging customers for thousands of dollars for automobile repairs that are not needed.

Here are some pictures of the events of my experience with BMW of Solon, OH.

Engine tear down

Engine Teardown 1

Removed supposed bad coolant pipe


Added AGA Coolant pip fix from All German Auto $606

product image- N62

I believe the main problem was the water pump. The bearings are shot and coolant stains on weep hole. The cost of the Water Pump was $157


Replaced Valley Pan since seal came off when removed. $80


Put everything back together and the car is running perfect and no leaks.



So let this be a lesson to anyone that thinks people know more than you do. They usually don’t and are out to make a dollar over ignorance.

Thanks again to Cleveland BMW of Solon 440.542.0600

Special thanks to:

Jim Welsh
Service Manager
BMW Cleveland