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Vanagon Carpet install on the cheap

Wanted to pass this along to anyone who is interested. I recently picked up an 86 GL that was extremely scrubby, sorry PO. Kids, dogs, general mayhem must have been involved. I did my research on the different Sewfine, Gowesty, Busdepot kits but couldn’t bring myself to cough up 300+ beans. Testing Link with Campaigns …

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BMW 745i Windows stopped working? FIXED

I was just about to start taking apart my 02 745i to fix my dead windows. For no apparent reason, my drivers side controls for mirrors, windows, and shades all stopped working yesterday. Looking through the forums, they all talked about replacing motors and window regulators which could be as much as 2k. One last …

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New Rims!! Does that say Mercedes?

Found these on Craigslist. I had to put 10mm spaces on front and back and use longer Lug nuts up front with longer Studs in back. I think they turned out pretty sweet. She handles much better than my skinny original 185x14s. Thanks to Chris at www.t3technique.comĀ for helping out with info and hardware.

BMW 745i Weep Hole Fix

Any decent DIY’er can handle the AGA coolant pipe fix. You just need to have some time, patience, and guts. I also used the TIS which was somewhat of a help. One great thing about BMW engineering is that it just makes sense. It is often smarter than you are but take your time and …

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Cleveland BMW of Solon Fraud

Detailed below is my saga with BMW. Really disappointed with BMW of Cleveland located in Solon, OH BBB complaint ID 9522469 I have a 2002 BMW 745i and had a coolant leak issue. I had the car towed to BMW of Cleveland in Solon, OH to investigate and fix the issue. I asked to have the …

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