Lower your power bill using Oracle Cloud

Too Much Power

Do you want to lower your electric bills for free?

I have been locally hosting corporate level infrastructure for quite a few years. This infrastructure included rather large datacenter grade redundant virtualization servers running Proxmox. For my storage system, i was using TrueNAS providing over 6 TB of redundant storage. To connect all this, I also had a 10GB switched network. All of this required lots of power.

I wanted to say thanks to all the Opportunistic Greedy Em Effers in this country for raising prices on everything from Eggs to Energy for no apparent reason. Due to this, I was forced to look at alternate solutions. My power bills were ranging between $160-$300 monthly, which is nuts.

So being a fairly frugal individual, what could I do? Well, just like my companies I have worked for, move everything to the cloud. I set out to find a very inexpensive option for hosting outside of my house. My needs were I would say “Medium” level computing, nothing crazy. Several WordPress sites, seperate Databases, and maybe some development servers.

I review the following services


  • As the name says, it is kind of cheap. I moved a few of my sites over to it but since things were mostly GUI, I found it very inflexible to manage.
  • The amount of processing wasn’t enough for a reasonably fast nginx web server and a mysql database.
  • Pricing was fairly reasonable at $44 a year.. but again, i’m cheap.

Digital Ocean

  • Brought up a VM but the cost would have been around $50 a month for a single setup
  • Too much money for me

Amazon AWS

  • I use this for work everyday and find that it is overly complicated to setup and create a single Containerized Service.
  • Also, costs too much

Google Cloud Platform

  • Have used this in the past which is somewhat ok, but I also find the interface very frustrating.
  • Very low powered systems for the price


  • Also use this at work and find it not easy to work with
  • oh… and it’s Microsoft

Oracle Cloud Platform

  • The price is right! Free
  • Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Oracle fan. Most of my links to Oracle actually say “Orable” from my many experiences with Corporate Support and Sales.
  • But the services which they are providing for free is very generous and actually allowed me to move my complete workload to OCI.
  • Here’s what is included with their free tier
  • Two Oracle Autonomous Databases with powerful tools like Oracle APEX and Oracle SQL Developer
  • Up to 4 instances of ARM Ampere A1 Compute with 3,000 OCPU hours and 18,000 GB hours per month
  • 2 Block Volumes Storage, 200 GB total
  • 0 GB Object Storage – Standard
  • 10 GB Object Storage – Infrequent Access
  • 10 GB Archive Storage
  • Resource Manager: managed Terraform
  • 5 OCI Bastions

So long story short, i packaged up my systems and moved them to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

For certficates, I use Free Cloudfront account to provide CDN, Certificates, Email, and Forwarding.

My new bill is 90 dollars.