Backup and Restore Magento

This explains howto export and import all the data and images from a Magento Ecommerce system.


  • First from the export machine, goto the the Admin for Magento. Then System / Import-Export / Dataflow-Profiles / Export All Products.
  • Then choose Run Profile from the Menu on left.
  • This will create a local file on the server usually under /var/export/export_all_products.csv
  • Copy this to your import server.
  • Zip up your product images under /media/catalog/product
  • Copy those over to your /media/import directory on the Import Server. Should look like this
  • /magento/media/catalog/media/import/2/4/image.jpg       etc.
  • On the Import machine, now goto System / Import-Export / Dataflow-Profiles and click on Import All Products.
  • Choose the export_all_products.csv from the export before and upload.
  • Run the import profile




How to migrate VMWare Appliance to OVS 2.2

This explains how to migrate / convert a standard VMWare Appliance into a Oracle Virtual Server 2.2 environment.

  • Create a directory on the OVS 2.2 server under /OVS/running_pool/NewVmName
  • Unzip appliance if needed and put in the /OVS/running_pool/NewVmName
  • You should have combination of file extensions like .vmdk .vmsd .vmx .vmxf
  • Login to your OVS Manager.
  • Goto  Resources / Virtual Machine Images / Import
  • Choose ‘Select from Server Pool”
  • Your “NewVmName” should be in the listing.
  • Import and start
  • Done
  • Brewskie