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OVM 3 Mass Upgrade

ovm 3, upgrade

Doing a mass upgrade on OVM 3.1.1 using Cisco UCS Manager. 10 servers at a time!

Upgrading OVM 3.0.3 to 3.1.1

Download Oracle Virtual Manager 3.1.1 and mount the iso on your manager server. Run the runUpgrader.sh It will ask for the “ovs” password. This was my weblogic admin password. After upgrading your Admin Server, you should be able to put one of your Servers into Maintenance mode. This will migrate all of your VMs to …

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Oracle Virtual Server 3.0 Upgrade / Install

I am upgrading my OVM 2.2 Server and Manager components to 3.0.1 First of all, there is no clean upgrade path for the OVM Manager or Servers. You have to install new and then import your existing Virtual Servers as well as all VM Templates and resources. My existing environment included 2 OVM 2.2 servers …

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