BMW 745i Weep Hole Fix

Any decent DIY’er can handle the AGA coolant pipe fix. You just need to have some time, patience, and guts. I also used the TIS which was somewhat of a help. One great thing about BMW engineering is that it just makes sense. It is often smarter than you are but take your time and things will make sense. Here are the steps simplified:

I am not a mechanic and this may not be exactly correct (disclaimer) but it worked for me.

Remove all the engine covers
Remove Air Intake hose
Remove All Belts
Remove Fan (this was tuff and there is a special fan removal tool. I used a large crescent wrench. 32mm i believe)
Remove Fan Housing
Remove Center Balancer
Drain coolant
Remove Water Pump
TIS says to blow fuel back into fuel tank by using small air connector on fuel rail. 2 small air blasts.
Remove Fuel Injection lines and injectors (remove clip on top of each injector, should pop right off)
Disconnect all Electric connectors (label them all)
Remove Air Intake Manifold (heavy and should have 2 people for this)
Remove Valley Pan

You should be looking at your defective Coolant Pipe.

Cut it in half, and pull it out.
Insert new AGA or similar pipe per instructions.
Clean up all debris and vacuum out intakes.

I replaced my water pump because it was shot as well.
I replaced the Valley Pan because it had a brand new gasket and mine was kind of shot.

Once the pipe is in, just reverse the instructions above.
Take a look at your coolant lines below manifold to make sure they are in good shape. Mine had a snapped y connector.

Hope this helps someone

Total savings from original BMW quote = $33,372.18