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DIY Wifi Cantenna Build

Lower your power bill using Oracle Cloud

Do you want to lower your electric bills for free? I have been locally hosting corporate level infrastructure for quite a few years. This infrastructure included rather large datacenter grade redundant virtualization servers running Proxmox. For my storage system, i was using TrueNAS providing over 6 TB of redundant storage. To connect all this, I …

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Open Source CCTV system for your home

Looking for some nice software to connect all my IP cameras…. found this Shinobi Installation, run this on Centos 7 curl -s

10gb fiber to my barn? Why not…

Don’t ever start looking at ebay when you are a systems engineer. You quickly find yourself convincing yourself that your home network is inadequate and should be keeping up with the multi-national infrastructure you work with day to day. Imaging your Barn is Tokyo, your house is San Francisco… you need that 10gb connection to …

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Linux Docker Workstation Build

Install your RH compatible OS, Centos 7 in my case