Bluetooth Tethering for Blackberry 8830

I feel stupid today… I finally got around to setting up my Bluetooth and Blackberry connection. I have a IBM Thinkpad T43 what does not come with built in Bluetooth transmitter. So, I found a Zoom USB Bluetooth adapter for 19 bucks at Microcenter and plugged it in. Bam installed no fuss no drivers needed.

For years I have been tethering my Laptops to my Blackberry’s with a USB cable because I thought that was the only way that was supported (worked). Not so. I thought this because I had tried with an earlier version of the Blackberry and the DUN was disabled. Well, the 8830 is apparently turned on and I was able to connect using the following setup:

Install IBM ThinkPad USB Software 7jba10ww.exe from Lenovo site. 100+MB. I then plugged in my Zoom Bluetooth adapter and paired my devices. You have to goto BB first and say pair, put in passcode which can be anything, then enter that same passcode on the Laptop. Enable Dialup Networking Service in BlueTooth Config.

Once everything is paired, you just need to add a Dialup connection using the Blackberry DUN.

Control Panel / Network Connections / Add new connection / Dialup

phone number = #777
user = [email protected]
pw = vzw

That’s it. I guess it pays to to a little digging.