Reset Airbag Sensor light on Nissan Pathfinder

Recently my Nissan Pathfinder started flashing an airbag warning light for no apparent reason. My SUV is only 2 years old so it pained me to have to bring it in for diagnostics. Last time I brought my Nissan in to “check” something, I ended up with a new steering column, out of alignment, and new rear suspension parts. Don’t ask. Anyway, I found a really quick way to reset the alerts on your console. This only works unless there is really no problem and something just tripped the sensors.

Turn on the key to the Accessory position (don’t start), the airbag alert will display solid for 4 seconds or so, then start to flash. Immediately when the light starts to flash, turn the key back off.

Wait for 5 full seconds and then repeat the process at least 3 times.

On til flash, then off (wait 5) then back on.

Once this has been done 3 times, your alerts should be reset. If there is a real problem as in a partial deploy of your airbags, the alert will continue.

Hope this helps someone!!!