Oracle Virtual Server 3.0 VM Migration from OVM 2.2

I know that this software is a new and fairly different version from OVM 2.2 but Oracle has been working on this over over 3 years! At least there should have been some documentation on how to migrate / move existing OVM 2.2 running VMs over to the new version. Gafff

Anyway, you can probably tell I have been at this for some time and frustrated. But here is how you do it.

  1. Install new OVM 3.0.1 on new hardware. There is no Software upgrade at all.
  2. Go into your OVM 2.x /OVS/running_pool directory and tar up individually your VMs like this

tar -cvzf vm1.tgz vm1/

  1. Copy this vm1.tgz file to a running webserver inside your network (WHAT?!! YES!)
  2. Once hosted on you can import into your OVM 3.0 environment.
  3. From the OVM 3.0 Console. Goto “Server Pools” / “Templates” / “Choose Blue Import Template” and add your internal webserver and file location
  4. When finished you will need to choose “Clone Template to VM” from that same menu on Server Pools.
  5. This will just ask you some questions regarding the existin VM make sure you choose Xen PVM and update your network settings if needed, otherwise it won’t let you Clone.

More to come … help me

So must spent another few hours trying to get connected to the VM consoles. They used to have passwords associated with them which were stored in the vm.cfg. ¬†Apparently that hasn’t been fully implemented yet either¬†

  1. Connect to your VM through the OVM Manager using Right Click on each VM and choosing “Console”
  2. The password is the Weblogic / OVM Server credentials that were entered when server was installed. “admin / whateverpassword”
Found another issue with OVM 3.0
One of my 2 servers only had one interface so





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  1. Hi Dave,

    Good posting!

    Could you confirm the VMs can be found at OVM 2.X /OVS/running_pool ?

    I have checked the VM host 2 folder /OVS/running_pool and the VMs can be found here. I couldn’t find /OVS/running_pool folder in OVM 2.X

    Many thanks

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