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Quick one liner to get a full OPatch inventory of your Oracle Middleware Server

After trying to use OEM to grab all the patches from every installed Oracle product, I gave up and decided to write my own one liner. Customize to match your weblogic install directory. This script will first find all Middleware Homes specifically using Weblogic, then run the lsinventory or lspatches to display a full listing. …

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How to extend your Wireless Network with DD-WRT

I am always frustrated with WiFi. It seems like a black art needing certain spirits and voodoo dolls in place. Anyway, after struggling for a bit, I thought I would document how I extended my Netgear ¬†WNDR3700v2 network hundreds of feet using older Buffalo Routers. I have a barn about 100 feet away from my …

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Weblogic Startup Scripts

The following scripts and procedure allows stopping and starting of Weblogic Instances using Jython (Python) scripts and the nodemanager. Services are then created and can be used at startup and shutown for your NodeManager, Admin Server, and Managed Servers. Assumptions: Version = Weblogic 10.3.6 MW_HOME = /u01/app/oracle/weblogic1036R2 JAVA_HOME = /u01/app/jdk DOMAIN = IDMdomain BOOTSCRIPTS LOCATION …

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dnsmasq split dns trick!

check the content of the file /etc/sysconfig/network Make sure you have in here what the external dns name is. This line SHOULD be in accordance of the /etc/hosts file. If your server has an ip address like then your /etc/hosts file should look like localhost.localdomain localhost mail Install DNSMASQ yum …

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